Hunting takes place on private ranches in Val Verde County located in west Texas.  All hunts are for mature, free-range sheep in wild country near and on the Devil's River.  Typical of this area the ranches have some relatively flat grazing areas on the ridge tops, which fall off into steep walled canyons, drainages, cliffs and caves. There is very little vegetation above knee high except for some trees which grow in the thick drainage areas at the bottom of each canyon. The rocks are sharp and the cactus all over, so hard soled boots and tough pants are recommended.

Hunting is spot and stalk. Early and late in the day the Aoudad come up out of the canyons to feed in the more open and grassy areas on top, then as the sun rises they move back down where they bed in the shade on north slopes or even in the numerous caves. Aoudad gather in herds as small as 6-7 animals and sometimes numbering up to 50-75 or more.

September and October are the peak months of the rut and most groups of ewes and lambs will have a ram in the herd. This can make finding sheep easier, but getting close tough as there are more eyes to pick you up as the stalk begins. When not in the rut, Aoudad rams tend to be more solitary. Finding them may be a little harder, getting in position for a shot can be easier.  Axis and Whitetail hunts are conducted on ranches over feeders and by still hunting along ranch roads.  We have high success with 100% shot opportunity on mature animals.  The rest is up to you.....

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Free Range Aoudad Hunts

Hunts for Aoudad and Corsican are held year-round.  Prime rut dates in September and October fill fast and winter dates should be booked as soon as possible.  We operate small camps with 1-3 hunters.  Deer hunts for fall 2016 must be booked now as we are 100% full each year. 

Camp Information: 1x1 or 2x1 guided hunts for mature rams in the 28-30 inch range. The ranch has a rustic bunk house with full bath facilities, washer/dryer and DirectTV. While not fancy, it gets the job done and you are living in the middle of the sheep. We have a cook and all meals are homemade. Hunters may pursue extra Aoudad rams, Corsican sheep or predators at additional cost.

Transportation: Fly San Antonio, rent a car and drive to the ranch about 3 hours west, north of Del Rio.

Combo hunts are available at additional cost.

2017 Cost:  1X1 guided hunt for Aoudad   $3975, 2X1 guided Aoudad $3500

Call: (802) 468-8869

Texas Hunts for Aoudad and Corsican Sheep